Giant Advents? are a totally new form of Advent Calendar where the actual gifts are chosen by you and contained within the calendar.

The clue is in the company name ? these calendars really are large ? up to 1.5 metres tall and they can hold all sorts of gifts.

Click on the photos below to see more images and find out more about that particular calendar.

Remember, there are three easy steps to complete your calendar.

  1. Choose your gifts and place them in the pockets
  2. Seal the calendar
  3. Give it to the lucky recipient on December 1st.

You can choose when the calendar is delivered to you, even the day of the week, as we hold the calendar in stock for you at our premises until the time of delivery. Ordering early, however, guarantees that your choice of calendar will be available.

Detailed Instructions are sent out with each calendar but if you lose them they are also available in a printable form here.